Sticky, sweet, spicy and sour ribs are cooked to perfection. Sticky, spicy, sweet and sour, this sticky ribs meal is impossible to resist. The glaze is full of vibrant citrusy notes and the sweetness from the honey counteracts the spices very well. 


Combo comes with rice, garlic bok choy and drink. Single portion (half rack of ribs) comes with one drink and family size (full rack of ribs) comes 4 drinks. Your choice of pop or beer.


Ingredients: Pork Ribs, salt, pepper, honey, dry cherry wine, peppercorns, anise, ginger, chilli peppers, soy sauce, rice vinegar, green onion. 


Please choose what kind of pop would you like: Coca-Cola, Ginger Ale or Nestea.


Delivery of home style meals might take up to 24 hours. We recommend to pre-order in advance. You can choose preferred delivery time at the checkout.

Sticky Spicy Ribs With Garlic Bock Choy Combo

Package Size
Choice of Drink
  • Ribs are made by chef Lenka. Lenka came to Toronto 9 years ago from Czech Republic. She loves to cook traditional Czech meal and she is also co-owner of Crossroad Kafe in Toronto. 

  • Charges paid by you are final and non-refundable.

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