Goulash is a stew of meat and vegetables usually seasoned with paprika and other spices. Originating in medieval Hungary, goulash is a common meal predominantly eaten in Central Europe but also in other parts of Europe. It is one of the national dishes of Hungary and a symbol of the country.


Combo comes with rye bread and drink. Single portion comes with one drink and one slize of bread and family size comes with 4 slices of bread and 4 drinks. Your choice of pop or beer. Ingredients: Beef, Potato, Pepper, Onion, Tomato, Black Pepper, Garlic, Majoram, Cumin.


Please choose what kind of pop would you like: Coca-Cola, Ginger Ale or Nestea.


Delivery of home style meals might take up to 24 hours. We recommend to pre-order in advance. You can choose preferred delivery time at the checkout.

Hungarian Goulash (Madarsky Gulas) Combo

Package Size
Choice of Drink
  • Hungarian goulash is made by chef Lenka. Lenka came to Toronto 9 years ago from Czech Republic. She loves to cook traditional Czech meal and she is also co-owner of Crossroad Kafe in Toronto. 

  • Charges paid by you are final and non-refundable.

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