Pasture-raised refers to hens that are given access to an outdoor space (of at least 108 square feet per bird) where they can feed on grass, insects, worms, or anything else they come across in the dirt. These hens are let out from the barn at dawn then brought back in at dusk. In theory, pasture-raised eggs offer the most ethical choice for consumers.

Dozen Of Large Pasture-Raised Eggs From Organic Farm

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  • Benefits of Pasture Eggs

    Back in 2008, Mother Earth News conducted a study on the types of Benefits that pasture-raised eggs could provide. Compared to commercially-raised eggs, they found that the eggs of hens raised on pasture have:

    • 1/3 less cholesterol
    • 2/3 more vitamin A
    • 1/4 less saturated fat
    • 2 times more omega-3 fatty acids
    • 7 times more beta carotene
    • 3 times more vitamin E
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